It's quiet...

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  1. I'm off school today due to illness, and this is how EMC feels:
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  2. I know how you feel. But you get everyone from America awake when you are awake. But for me I wake up when they go to sleep.
  3. Yeah, me too. The servers start picking up again in about 2-3 hours though
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  4. Yeah but I am asleep then. You are lucky being Perth. You get an extra 2 hours over me.
  5. At the time this was written, it was 6am on my part of the states. 5am for my sister. :) That's the only thing that kinda sucks about the time differences, when I'm awake hardly anyone is on, I go to sleep and it's like BLAM. Darn sleeping during the day routine :/
  6. At the time of posting this thread: 5-8 members
    Now: 23 and counting

    I live in the north west of the UK.
  7. Wait... were you thinking I was from Scotland? :D
  8. You guys actually manage to get some sleep!? OMG I haven't slept for like 20 hours!
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  9. ISMOOCH has topped you, for the past three days he has not got off EMC, I asked and he said he wakes up and falls asleep at the keyboard.
  10. :eek:!
  11. I do that sometimes :p You'll know when, because I end up acting like an idiot and sometimes I end up ill and lose interest in the forums. I'm ill now, but i'm still on the forums.
    No xD
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  12. Shhh I'm sleeping :)
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  13. Even though there's 23 members online right now, it's still awfully quiet.
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