It's Justin's Birthday!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by NurseKilljoy, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. Yes you heard correct. Our founder and creator will be enjoying his birthday today!

    Want to leave him a happy little message wishing him a fantastic day? This is the place to do it!

    So let us ALL wish a super fantastically AWESOME birthday to the one who has given us the joy and pleasure that is EmpireMinecraft.


  2. Thanks Nurse :) Also, perfect image!
  3. Happy, Happy ;)
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  4. Happy birthday Justin :) 28 correct?
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  5. Happy Birthday and may there be many many more to come!
  6. Happy Birthday!:D
  7. Happy Birthday Justin, hope you get lots of presents!!!!!
  8. aren't we like 6 mins early? must... restrain... myself... from... posting... early...
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  9. Yup, getting closer and closer to 30
    lol depends on the time zone I guess, we need an EMC time zone and then everyone can have an EMC birthday (the day they joined EMC).
  10. I've been kinda working with EST, given that that's yours and mine, it's just convenient... or do you mean like a completely different thing, like 1:00 EST is like 5:42 EMCTime?
  11. Happy Birthday Justin!
    Here is you digital Minecraft cake

    PS- look at my signature that I changed for today
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  12. To add to this, my roommate Garrett says happy birthday too :) He doesn't even play Minecraft, but he hears about you enough to know you by name XD
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  13. Happy birthday Justin!
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  14. You are welcome =]
    Yes! I found it and instantly thought of you and Jeremy lol.
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  15. ACTUAL birthday that is ;)
  16. Happy official east coast birth day
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  17. Happy birthday! *Gives cookie*

    Have a cookie :)
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  18. Can you fly me over to your house, so I may personally bake you a cake?
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  19. Happy birthday! I wish I can write happy birthday in Korean but it does not work but you get the idea! HAPPY BIRTHDAY
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  20. I actually got an idea! In smp1 wild we should build a giant cake for him
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