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Gray or Grey?

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Gray 1 vote(s) 8.3%
Grey 7 vote(s) 58.3%
Interchangeable 4 vote(s) 33.3%

  1. I have plans to make this big, don't you forget it. I just need to learn how to do stuff first... :p

    So in twenty years, when this is the biggest thing ever, at lease we'll all know how it started. :)

    As many of you may or may not know, there is a little thing going around about Grey Text. Well, this is the story behind how it all started. It is very interesting, and probably very short as well.

    So it started up in a very normal fashion, I was posting stuff and hiding my off topic remarks in very tiny text, it was very amusing to me when people would comment on how tiny it was or things of that sort because.. Well, no matter. At a certain point,

    Of course, this was all the motivation I needed to make my writing impossible to read without prior knowledge. So I figured out the Color Code that is used to make the coloration of the Dark-Type website themes. It is 2A2A2A if you were wondering, :p. (Oh, and if you ever find Grey Text, you should highlight it Moderator Green, color code 00BF00. It adds to it.)

    So I started writing things in Gray Text, and then Tjboy11 picked up on it. If anything, he made the hidden text far more known to the world by consistently checking every post of mine to see how much I would hide. Other people started using Gray Text, too. Then, last night, whilst ISMOOCH, MR2R2M and I were the only people online and were basically spamming the forum, something happened:

    Grey Text mattered. All of a sudden, it clicked. While I did manage to make a countermeasure to Gray Text, it isn't all that helpful... MR2R2M made a Grey Text Signature, and I edited mine to make it unique. As of now, four people are rocking Gray Text, though I can see that number getting larger.. Some day.

    There are many applicable ways to use this, and it doesn't have to involve Grey Text. One could simply say 'Just read the Gray Text' or something along those lines, either to say something is so obvious that it needs no further explanation (As in, telling somebody to look for something invisible because they think they need to know more to understand something.)

    Another way it could be used is to justify something by saying that it is 'In the Grey Text.' When you know something is obviously false, you could say "It's right there, Just read the gray text!"

    So yes, plans for this indeed. It may take time for them to come to fruition, or they may never come to fruition, but at least everyone knows how it all started.
    Sort of.

    [More will be added as more is created]
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  2. Lets see just how long this takes to kick off :)
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  3. Why don't we always give green a chance? What's so special about grey anyways? Pssh.

    So is this some sort of cult or what?
    I love this game.
  4. Haha crazy started this and then I decided to create a signature XD, lets go with it!

    For Spar... ~ wait ~ FOR GREY!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I still like my signature more than yours.


    Did anyone else notice that I kept changing between Gray and Grey?
  6. Do you now? :p :p :p :p

    I use grey, its how the british spell it so it is correct!
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  7. I did notice, but i guessed you would do that when you voted the words as interchangable :)

    In Bavaria, beer isn't considered an alcoholic drink but rather a staple food
  8. I chose Grey.. Just saying.
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  9. Like my sig?

    Sorry couldn't help but use your one :) it is a way better version of the one I made :)
  10. We do not blame you.
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  11. i will keep mine... forever

    at least 14 people die a year in the united states to dolphin rape.... wait... what? thats horrible!
  12. Lolwut ????:confused:

    So uncivilized, don't you think ?:D

    And yes, GREY for the win
  13. I am forever looking for hidden comments by ISMOOCH and crazy n0w -.-

    This grey thing is gonna become big, I know it :p
  14. And me dont forget XD
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  15. Lol check this out

    Lol this is funny XD
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  16. Are you kidding me? -.- xD
  17. Sorry to be a troll and everything but... I have a different colour scheme/theme. So your grey text is just a fail for me. :)
  18. I already covered that, Tom.
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  19. GreyText.jpg GreyText2.jpg
    I had no idea what it even said... but I made these by copying ISMOOCH's signature then editting. :)
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