It's Finally Here! (1950 Opening)

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  1. Hello Guys. I am back from the dead. After delaying 1950 for almost a month I finished working on it in 3 hours. It is now done. Now I just need to Stock it and I plan to be done with that and open 1950 up by:
    Saturday, March 16th 5PM EST
    You may think "whatever it's just a mall"
    Ermmm Nope. This will be an important event in EMC History
    You see this will be special.
    Not only will this mall fund Operation Duck on a Skateboard (Which is a top secret project which is why you're like what?)
    It will also fund JeanZNation Studios which is in the progress of making EMC's Last Days (Yes it's still going on... It's not easy to make a one hour Minecraft animation with a story line)
    1950 will have a couple giveaways a week to give stuff back to the community and also
    Host Weekly Drop Parties.
    It will also have weekly offers for members of the mall (Info coming soon on how to become a member)
    It will also have a Buy X get Y N% off feature. You'll see soon.
    It will also have a special section where you can buy Written Books

    A feature I can't wait for is called Checkload
    It will be a website where you can go search for the item you want, See the current Price and amount of stock, and what section it is in.
    This should be done by July if not sooner

    Hopefully you've gotten the point. Well Right now It's almost 11pm so I am tired after a hard day of work.

    More info coming soon.

    Also since this thread needs bumping....


    I will choose a number 1-247
    You will pick only 1 Number Per Account.
    When this ends (When 1950 is opened)
    Whoever's number is closest to mine will win a prize. Whoever gets the exact number will get a greater Prize.

    Exact Number: 5,000 Rupees
    Closest to my number: 5,000 Rupees

    I know that isn't a lot but I will go search in my storage for my left over diamonds and stuff and include them in the prizes.

    If you want to check out the mall before it opens just go to it (1950) the move is open.

    Also if you find a way to get in please tell me and you will receive a prize.


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  2. Also if you don't know this will be on SMP1
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  3. I say your number is 20
  4. I say it's 124!
  5. Aww yea!

    And I guess the number is 42
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  6. 167,
    * Cough * 1950 built by aCookieGod *Cough *
    Thanks for the prize! :)
    Good luck with the mall.
  7. guessing 21 to cut amused off :p
  8. i pick 222
  9. and i found a way in
  10. I will pick 200 please, this sounds really cool :)
  11. 8 please.
  12. Sounds exciting! 113 please
  13. Jeanzl I found a way into the shop
  14. 111 plz and congrats :)
  15. Maybe can you post a few pics?
  16. PM me please and I will see what price is in order.
  17. Just go to /v 1950 on SMP1, I will post some pictues of 1950 with shaders soon.
  18. I pick 147
  19. jeanlz, go on now