Its Complete! The Rubiks cube is officially done :)

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  1. Hi guys, after a LONG two months the construction for the cube is finally over :

    <massive sigh of relief>

    So without further adue here are some pictures :D

    Also, I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you that helped make this cube a possibility, thanks you so much for all your donations/ building help :)

    Here is the list of donators/ helpers:

    zanderboy, CallMeTom, ns9300, qwertypasdty, bossbaby, Qwertyip, Sir_Creeper, pgoubert, Squizzel_Boy, IPwnCreeps, legacy123321, iwantcookie2009, cantiep45, Rayson1357, blockdude233, Akam_Harcen, thebarn888, FaustLauncher, 32japan1, darkdluro, oidgod, Eclipsys, coldog117, S_R_L_B, supermaster110, Pandastripes, IZT, Tom115xXx, Lucasmetcalfe, 32japan1, blockmoon, oidgod, ededdeddy, shaunwhite1982, Drummerman120, belchmaster, Stranger_J (removed due to banishment) , roja22, TheTrufflehunter, AusQB, Skilled_Creepr, Importerer
    The lucky donator/ helper that won the random draw is: Skilled_Creeper!!! Congratulations! You win 10k! (Prize, recipient must claim prize within a week, else a new draw is subject to happen)


    If you would like to see this in person, head to utopia res 5002 :) Enjoy!

    Thanks again to all who helped! Hope you all enjoyed the pictures :D
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  2. Total awesome
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  3. Awsome!!!


    I love the set of pictures you've included here showing the work in progress.
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