It's been 82 days..

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  1. On my third day of EMC, I set myself a few major goals. They included obtaining a dragon egg, finishing the Centauri Tower (which I actually had planned on my second day, progress so far can be seen at 1148), and accumulating 500k in total wealth. (at the time I thought 5k was a huge amount so 500k was a rediculous goal and I never really thought I'd finish it)

    Well after 82 days of playing, I'm proud to say that I've paid off all my debts and a few minutes ago I added up everything I own; 501k.

    That's one of my 3 major goals down, and I hope to soon enough complete the other two. It's taken 82 days for the first one and it's also been quite fun. My next main goal is to finish the Centauri Tower and after that I'll start to focus on a dragon egg. No clue on how long that will take me :p
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  2. There's no limit to how much one can achieve if they put their heart and soul into it! :)

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  3. Congrats :)
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  4. wow, its like people don't care about your accomplishments unless you do a giveaway!
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  5. Congratulations xHaro_Der :) ~FDNY21
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  6. Well, you've earned more than I have and you've only been on EMC for 82 days whereas i've been here for 394 days! :p Congrats! :)
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  7. ditto that xD
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  8. Congratulations! You deserve a round of applause! :D
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  9. *Clap clap clap clap clap*
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  10. I'll probably end up doing one for my 100th day :)
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  11. I love giveaways, even though I always lose! :D
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  12. I've been on for over 400 days and haven't gotten past 300k yet.... so that's impressive. Congrats!
  13. My 400th day is only 3 days away. Can't wait! :D
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  14. Hey you can buy a dragon egg at 4005 on smp 2 for 295k. :)
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  15. They have dragon eggs for sale? Holy cheese! Though, I don't have nearly as much rupees to buy one.
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  16. Yeah im saving up for one :)
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  17. How did you get so many rupees?????
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  18. Nice!
    Or buy one from Faithcaster for 250k
    You decide
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  19. IDK how to decide on that. How did u get so many?
  20. Sell stuff to 413 maybe. :)