iTiamo and Harukono leaving EMC!

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  1. It's a sad day on SMP5 so we went out with a bang, 20+ people showed up to see us.
    TheSpyPie's friend got shot a while ago and died today, never forget. RIP.

    Here is a selection of the best screenshots in an imgur album.

    Here are all the screenshots, if you for some reason want them. (UPLOADING)

    I had a great time on EMC, and I want to thank the staff for making such a nice server and keeping it steady, as you can see I even donated once. I hope when I come back it the future (IF I come back) it will be even better. I am leaving because of personal reasons I woudl rather not tell, everyone have a great time. Especially those on SMP5. Also a big thanks to SephirothWS for taking all my stuff off my hands.

    Peace Everyone,

    do what you do, even without me.

    If you want find me on Reddit: iTiamo
    Or add me on Skype: GrenadeApple3
    Or try my youtube: GrenadeApple3
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  2. Good bye iTiamo and Harukono! :)
    You guys will be truly missed! We all hope to see you soon!
    And R.I.P to my friend Julio who passed away recently! :(
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  3. 15 minutes untill the pictures are uploaded, I guess.
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  4. Good bye iTiamo and Harukono! Never Forget 4/14/12
    It is a sad day FOR EMC
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  5. I have no idea who you are.
  6. Thanks Saj, be sure to check back for the pictures.
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  7. Probaly because you don't play on SMP5. ;)
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  8. Glad you enjoyed your time here. :)

    I hope everything is alright for you with whatever you go on to.

    Of course, you will be welcomed back with open arms, shall you decide to return to us.

    I am also sorry for your loss, TheSpyPie and hope that your friend is at peace.
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  9. I am so sorry to hear this iTiamo, Harukono and TheSpyPie... I really hate to hear such a violent crime was committed on someone. It is disgusting no matter what the circumstances. I really wish you guys the best in your futures and hope that you do not have to suffer such a horrible experience again in your lives. :(

    My heart goes out to you guys. I have been on the same end of that experience more than once in my life and it really hurts. Please try to keep your friend alive in your hearts in a positive light. If you have a religious belief, take solace in your teachings. Find someone to help you cope with your loss. It is going to be a long journey to healing.

    We will be here for you if you ever do return. For now, take this time to be with your loved ones.
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  10. Goodbye to both of you, all of us on SMP5 will miss you deeply, as will the rest of EMC. 4/14/12 will always be remembered as a sad day in SMP5's history, the loss of two members is a big hit to our community.
    TheSkyPie, i hope your friend is now at peace.
    Farewell, and both of you, please visit soon!

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  11. Sad to see awesome members leave the community, but good luck for everything. Hopefully we'll see you back here one day :)

    And, sorry for your loss TheSpyPie. My thoughts are with you.
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  12. Upload of pictures got stuck, trying again. It's really awesome to see 20 people in a group.
  13. D: bye bye
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  14. If you want find me on Reddit: iTiamo
    Or add me on Skype: GrenadeApple3
    Or try my youtube: GrenadeApple3

    Last 11 pictures being uploaded.
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  15. Thanks guy i appreciate the help and support :)
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  17. Nice pics.
    But what about the one from SephirothWS's shop?
    I came out in a few pictures im wearing the gold armor! :D
    Well the point is bye iTiamo and Harukono you will be missed!
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    For those
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  19. Smp5 for Life!!!! later guys best luck to yall
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