Items Will Not Travel Through Portals

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  1. The title pretty much says all. Dropped items don't go through nether portals, and my farm design really hinges on that feature... Is this a bug? Or was it programmed to do that on purpose? Any feedback helps... Thanks.
  2. Items traveling through portals is disabled.
  3. Lag prevention. There's more to it than that but honestly I do not know the details.
  4. Items going through portals keeps chunks loaded, that would cause a tremendous amount of lag on the server.

    Furthermore, there is nothing that I have found as a replacement either: There is not a way to keep a chunk loaded (other than you being there) to my knowledge; believe me, I have tried. :p
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  5. There also have been duplication issues involving minecarts and items with portals in the past. I don't know if this is the reason, but that is the only fix I know of for the glitch.
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  6. And if you do find a way you'll report it to me so I can fix it ;)

    Nether portals are constantly a source of duplication issues, as there currently is a dupe exploit involving them... Thankfully it doesn't work on EMC because we disabled that feature of MC.
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  7. Storage minecarts with hoppers on both sides to get the items in and out?
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  8. Just saw this, and LOL, of course I will report it to you :)