Items Wanted, fair prices

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  1. Hello fellow minecrafters, I'm in the market for some materials. Here is a list of the materials and their prices. :)

    NOTE: I am BUYING these items, not SELLING.

    8 stacks of Diamonds! Everybody loves diamonds. I am buying diamonds for 41r each (656r for 16 diamonds)

    One double chest of Iron Ingots. I am buying iron ingots for 5.5r each (352r for 64 ingots)

    Two double chests of stone for 80r a stack (4320 for a double chest) BOUGHT!

    One double chest of glass 110r a stack (nearly 6k a double chest)

    My "buy" chests are in the center, open-area of my shop, residence 14095 on smp7.

    Other things that I will buy though I do not have a chest set up for it:

    Sandstone (all types)
    nether brick
    stone brick (for the same price as my stone above)
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