items needed!

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  1. due to a hotel job i am currently working i am in need, in NEED of these items.

    i will buy and accept donations of the following items.

    i need at least 75-100 beds.
    close to at least 150-200 paintings
    trap doors
    wooden steps
    wooden pressure plates
    wooden fencing
    work benches
    white wool, cyan wool, black wool, yellow wool, silver wool, red wool, and blue wool
    grass blocks
    wooden doors

    yeah, please get back to me with known stores, or if you can donate, or know someone who can supply me with these items.

    kaythanksmuchbui :p
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  2. no one loves me? lol
  3. I can donate some stuffs :D
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  4. what server?
  5. uhm, i can set up a donation chest on utopia for you. 5268
    and thank you! :)
  6. (it is time for me to go to bed for the night) if anyone else would like to donate, or knows a store i can buy from, or would like to sell to me let me know on here or personal message. :) goodnight emc.
  7. i could probably take care of your

    beds, wooden steps, wooden pressure plates, wooden fencing, chests, work benches, white wool,wooden doors sign, Needs
  8. do you want me to make an access chest for you on my res? utopia 5268
  9. Beds are taken care of,
    i have put access chests for sqiggleyjeff and snozles in front of my batman statue.
  10. I'll be glad to give you most of the wool you need :)
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  11. i'll set you up an access chest :)
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  12. I loves you, I will donate some stuffiness. =3
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  13. i'll set you up an access chest pig! :)
  14. Okeydoke! Server? And residence please?
  15. Utopia, 5268
  16. I will be gone for about 2-3 hours, donating to goodwill and checking out a new camper. I will donate when I get back.
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  17. i done the beds :D
  18. crafting tables how many? you need and how much per?
  19. i'm going to need about 120 of those. >.<
  20. Can I be your Co-worker. Like help out with the hotel? :D