Items Lost, had 13 diamonds

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  1. I had all my starter stuff, half a stack of iron, 3 gold, 13 lapis, a zombie virus, 67 redstone, a stack of coal, and 13 diamonds. I leave wasteland with /server utopia (to take me to spawn) and everything is gone! The notification only came up too late D: I need my items to be restored and the problem explained, IGN elementgermanium
  2. Your stuff is not lost. EMC is a server network, and Utopia is just another server. Just do /server # (it will be 1-9) and you will have your stuff back.

    Also, you cannot just get back to spawn, you have to find the outpost. If you don't know where one is, the closest one is at 0,0.
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  3. Thank you
    I will try

    EDIT: It worked, thank you so much
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  4. Your items are not lost :)

    Beacuse you simply switched servers to utopia, you have a different inventory there. If you wish to take your items with you, please use /vault. Also, /spawn will get you to spawn, no clue why you did /server utopia lol.
    If you head back to smp1, your items will be fine :)

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  5. Just for when you actually do lose your items sometime, EMC doesn't spawn items in unless there is at least 600% proof of the server being at fault.
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