Items in water are not floating very well

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  1. Hi!

    Since 1.4.7 items are not floating very well - I think that was changed because of performance problems. Items are jumping around but not floating well.

    But now with the new hardware - can you change that behaviour back to the original one?

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  2. Pm this to aikar.
  3. Since when have items floated? I've been playing since the update after beta and have never witnessed floating items in water.
  4. I think he means flowing. :p
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  5. You can't PM Aikar unless he follows you. He doesn't follow the OP.

    Anyway, reported as a bug for you.
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  6. I have this issue all the time. With all sorts of farms.
  7. Try placing ice under the water, it normally helps.
  8. This has to do with Aikars entity edits (i believe), not any vanilla issue.
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  9. Please be patient on this one.. After I knock out some other bugs and wastelands + normal mode Ill then revisit this for more investigation.
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  10. use ice it might help my cactus farm is running fine
  11. ice under really should have no bearing. it boils down to items hitting the entity activation range.

    they are suppose to be immune in water and i have at least guaranteed they do trigger immunity... but i did notice some 'laggy' behavior.

    And this change is one the biggest gains in minecraft performance there is, upgrading hardware doesnt mean we should undo performance changes...

    We don't work that way. We fix problems instead of avoiding them :)