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  1. I am selling three items;

    Enchanted Diamond Pickaxe; Efficiency IV, Unbreaking III, and Fortune III 3.5k

    "Feast for a king" Special paper item 18k

    Enchanted Bow; Unbreaking III and Power III 3k

    If you have any queries, need any more information, or have an offer for any of the items, reply to this thread ASAP :)
  2. The diamond pickaxe has been sold to bloodra1n for 3.5k.
  3. 15k for feast for the king
  4. 16.5k?
  5. Ill take the paper for 16.5k
  6. yeah i'll take 16.5k, I'm on smp2 now
  7. That bow costs way too much
  8. offer me your price or leave the thread please:)
  9. Feast for a king paper item sold to BFInc for 16.5k.
  10. Don't appreciate you taking my deal
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  11. don't argue, i suppose it was first one with a payment i respected was the one who gets the deal, sorry