Items Disappeared from Ender Chest

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  1. One day I got on this was maybe 3 or 4 days ago and all the iron and diamond tools in my Ender Chest were gone. I rechecked all my chest to make sure I didn't just misplace but there was nothing. I really need help with where they could have gone or if it was just a bug in the server. I spent a good amount of rupees and time because the tools were also enchanted.

    - crunter
  2. noone can get your items back.
  3. I thought I had this problem also because I thought I had put some enchanted items in a chest and then I found them to not be there but then a few days later they turned up. Idk how they turned up or if they were just there the whole time, but my point is keep searching even if it takes a few days.
  4. Ya I'm just hoping that maybe it was a glitch and my items will show up again.
  5. EMC used to have a chest rollback bug, but they patched it back in 1.3... I lost a stack of sugarcane to that bug :p
  6. I've started a PM with you and the bug team (including myself). If you could explain the whole situation fully, including accurate steps if possible there, then that would be great! :)
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  7. Once or twice I have dropped an item into a chest and it seemed to vanish -- but when I clicked again on the empty space I thought I'd put it in, I was able to pick it up again even though I couldn't see it in the chest. When I dropped it again it was fine.

    Dunno what causes that, but if it doesn't turn up, you could try cilcking on all the empty spaces in your chest just in case the stuff really is there but isn't displaying properly.
  8. Now i have to go and check my Enderchest.....cause i am going to be freaking out until i do