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  1. Hi guys, now the solution to this may be super obvious so forgive my... stupidity :p.

    Now, I have a melon/pumpkin farm on utopia and the drops run into a sorter that funnel into some DCs.

    You may be thinking "this is fine and dandy but what is the problem". To which I would reply that this thing makes the stuff faster than the sorter can sort it.

    You may follow up by saying "well you're using implulsesv's design with overflow protection so you are fine." Actually I am not, then the items stop being sorted and I gotta do it manually so.. no.

    And this isnt even the full farm. I plan on having 9 of them (5 pumpkin 4 melon, possibly more in the future up to 9 pumpkin 9 melon). Currently I have 4 farms (2 melon 2 pumpkin) from Y level 64-256.

    I was wondering if anyone knows of a faster sorter or has any ideas for a better hopper placement (the back hoppers arent connected yet due to no farm set up yet.)

    Thank you all for any and all help :)!
  2. For my similar farm I have some 'drain' chests for the initial drops to flow into, then flow from that normally into sorter. Never had a back up doing this. I also have a kill switch installed so when all my chests are full, a piston disconnects that tower from the redstone clock. This way there is no items just floating around and less lag as the tower would be inactive until the chest is emptied.
  3. theres a simpler way to do that
  4. ?

    I was sure that there was. Had to post a thread though because my brain doesnt function properly- which generally happens around the time school lets out each day.
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  5. I may help
    Redstone genius
  6. We had a similar problem, ended up dropping the items to sort into a water stream that let the items float by a string of hoppers, with 6 or so hoppers in a row configured to pull the first item, the next 6 configured to pull the next item, etc. We used a clock to drive the hopper tower that put the items into the water stream, and ran it as fast as we reliably could, which worked out to 3 or 4 ticks I think (it's been a while since we built it).

    The water stream ran in a loop so that anything not pulled would come around and pass by the hoppers for another attempt. This only happened when the storage chests filled for a given column and hoppers would become unavailable to pull from the stream. If I got down to only 1 or 2 hoppers available to pull a given item, I would start to see that item start to circle around a time or 2 before being pulled.
  7. Yes pretty much that. Only difference in mine is I have a storage tower for each pumpkin/melon tower so it just fills up then turns off when full.
  8. Here's mine:
    Melons/Pumpkins fall down the water onto 9 hoppers. Helps get them into storage faster for me.

    These are the hoppers into the 1 chest, then into sorter.

    Here's the kill switch. That piston on the left will rise which cuts off the power to the tower.
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  9. I know this post doesn't help. But it seems like the perfect place to ask...What can you possibly do with that many pumpkins..Let me say before you reply I know emerald farming. I myself have a decent sized farm, 700 or so plants and I refuse to try and keep up with it. I probably could if I really wanted, but no.

    I will point out something you may already be aware of but could be relevant. As a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link, a hopper chain is only as fast as it's narrowest point.
  10. Not only emerald farming but pumpkin pie is an amazing food source.