Item/Rupees Giveaway

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  2. Hm, interesting. I'll be testing this out for a bit. Too bad the first time I tried to do this everyone ignored me, and I was left feeling awkward.
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  3. Oh, and if you find a bug/want me to add a feature, just tell me.
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  4. =====UPDATE======

    The new 1.1 edition of Item/Rupees Giveaway includes a brand spankin' new GUI,
    and that's about it. However, the GUI does look awesome. More updates are coming very soon!
  5. I believe.. that picture is King Francois the 1st :D
  6. Wait wait, King Henry II
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  7. King Henry Doesnt Usually Drink Chocolate Milk

    Ahh, science class XD
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  8. :confused: Wut
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  9. King: (Kilo)
    Henry: (Hecto)
    Doesnt: (Deka)
    Usually: [UNIT]
    Drink: (Deci)
    Chocolate: (Centi)
    Milk: (Milli)

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  10. King Henry Died Unexpectedly Drinking Chocolate Milk
    That's how we learned it back in the day.
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  11. It's Charles IX of France
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  12. i learned
    King Henry Died By Drinking Chocolate Milk ( B stands for Base)
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  13. Lul, its way more awesome when someone dies XD
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  14. That's the guy who invented WAFFLEZ
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  15. No way, I did!
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  16. liar!
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  17. =====UPDATE=====
    The new 1.2 edition of Item/Rupees Giveaway improves on the GUI added in the last update.
    I've removed the Advertisements section and replaced it with an alert at the top of the screen that contains a random advertisement.
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  18. Sir Walter Raleigh?
  19. Is it Mr. McMuffinMan?
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  20. =====UPDATE=====
    The new 1.3 edition of Item/Rupees Giveaway removes the "create a tiny url" button and instead automatically creates it & places it on the page. This feature was suggested by PRO_G4NGST4.