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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Ryukk132, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. Hey guys i was just wondering how much would a thing like a pick with

    Eff III
    Fortune III
    Unbreakable IV

    Would go as Used and Unused? Price wise? :)

  2. You'd have to put it on an auction :p they vary
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  3. Yea, i just thought, on a rough scale a price :p but i think i may
  4. wow thats a good pick
  5. I would say upwards of 12.5K :)
  6. I would happily bid 15k for it, if i had the funds :)
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  7. Obviously not a real item, right? Since there is no unbreak 4... 3 is the max lvl for unbreak.
  8. i wish i had 20k :(
    just spend a lot on other stuff
  9. Yea sorry, Eff IV Unbreakable III Fortune III dont see it making much difference really lol
  10. Sorry, very different... unbreak 4 would last about 25% longer than unbreak 3 (if it exsisted), so a fortune 3 with unbreak 4 would be worth about 10k-15k more than fortune 3 with unbreak 3. :)
  11. It depends on what they use it for..... in the big scheme of things its nothing even you may so its not. Lol Its all to what they use it for :)
  12. Now i dont wany my gold anymore. :(
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