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  1. Heyo people of EMC! As I've mentioned in several threads, I was away from EMC for maybe 2-4 months, and I recently came back. I'm almost certain that prices of items have fluctuated over that 2-4 month period. With my shop being unattended while I was gone, prices may be very under priced and/or very overpriced at my shop. If you would happen to know the prices of some general items please post below. (e.g diamonds, stone bricks, iron, cobblestone etc. ) Thanks!
  2. Diamonds =48-50
    Iron = 2-3
  3. as far as I can tell the only items with fluctuating prices seem to be rare items (Marlix Bows recently dropped in price) and Iron has fallen a little.
  4. In general- Non renewable rise by 15%
    Renewable fall by 20%.
    Fluctuates depending on demand.
  5. I can say that dirt as at an all time high of 1r for 64
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  6. Diamonds are more expensive...
    No one seems to have them :(
  7. Thats because people like me hoard them. :D
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  8. # Stacks of blocks?
  9. I have like 2.5 stacks of blocks :p
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  10. Ok dude you could crash the economy if you gave them all away!
  11. Haha, wouldn't do that :p but I know someone who has at least a DC of diamonds (not blocks) and RandomZH has a huge diamond block pyramid so... It's small compared to them.
  12. Could we please not have a conversation in the forums...