Item ID's for new in 1.4

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  1. Hey guys, just wondering - does anyone know the item ID for the "Potion of Night Vision - 3:00?" I haven't been able to make one and I'm off to bed.

    Thanks in advance! :)
  2. 373:8198
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  3. 373:8198 I think.
    EDIT: Ninja'd
  4. Fixed that for you :)
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  5. Also - be aware of a new in-game feature of 1.4. Use F3+H to "toggle detailed item descriptions"
  6. I tried this F3+H and I can not get it to work.
    Can you get it to work?
    If so, can you explain exactly when I press what keys.
    For example, I logged on, pressed E to see my inventory, then pressed F3 and H at the same time, hovered over item, description not detailed. Then I pressed F3 followed by H, same story, H followed by F3, same, then I did all *combinations of F3 and H Before pressing E, still no luck.
    So, either I am not doing a simple thing properly, or it does not work.
    Please help - thank you.
  7. It isn't easy to do if I remember right... Let me figure out the combination real quick
  8. Sorry for the Double Post. Press (and hold) F3 and then press H
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  9. Thank you !
  10. Oh? Thanks :D Didn't know about that
    Cheers guys :)