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  1. I would like to put some of my special items in frames. We were having a problem with these falling down a while back causing the items to de-spawn. I would hate to stick something rare in one then have it disappear. Has anyone had any recent problems with them?
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  2. No this was fixed a while back - might want to turn off ender pearl flag though, because if you ender pearl into an item frame it will knock it down. ( Unless they changed that, but I'd be safe )
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  3. I had never heard of this

    Can someone confirm if this is still true and PM me if it is?
  4. yeah, give me a few
  5. Just tested, enderpearling into a frame didn't do anything for me :)
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  6. Also, avoid putting item frames on the border of two chunks. Where the frame is in one chunk, and the block it's attached to in another chunk.
  7. That also shouldnt cause problems anymore... but is a good idea to do to be safe from future updates.
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  8. Aikar, you or your team fixed the night of the 1.7 release for EMC. I'm glade you did because I would have lost a lot of promo and other special items if you had not.
  9. OK. it's still happening with crops that need light/water. But that's a different indirect block relationship. :)

    And also happening with signs placed on blocks in another chunk.

    I had to rebuild my sugarcane farm, and my cactus farm :)

    But like you said, best practice to put it all in same chunk anyway, to stay safe.