Item frames disappearing

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by ttyler333, May 8, 2015.

  1. I had atleast 25 maybe 50 item frames throughout my res's and my main one 2505 has 0 now.
    The words "Ttyler333" and "victory" are no longer on my walls.

    Is it possible to get a rollback to like 4am on 5/8/2015. It seems to be a glitch on EMC and or 1.8 but If i am losing my items thats no good. Once rolled back i'd take down my item frames instead of losing them.
  2. Everything appears back to normal. Not sure what happened but its fixed for now.
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  3. It was likely a rendering glitch.
  4. what is your render distance in client settings? HAving it above 6 is known to cause issues. Also ensure "Use VBO" is turned on.

    1.8 client has some bugs :/
  5. Rendering distance is 6. :p Got a failing graphics card thought 6 was low enough to still have fun gameplay :rolleyes:
  6. item frames in my shop teleport room have disappeared and the item they were framing is on the ground. I've changed my render distance to 6 but I cant control the render distance of customers, and its a popular shop.
  7. Render distance is capped at 4 in town, so they always will be at 4...

    May ance missed the point here though. :p