Item drops of death (lag spike)

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by thecontroller, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. Yesterday on smp5 (February of 25Th 2012). Someone has dropped item drops of death. If you have never seen anyone done this before its typically someone who uses a mod to drop huge amounts of item drops on the ground at a fast rate. They drop single files of dirt one at a time at a fast rate by using a modification to help them. This causes lag spikes in a location where its near a vicinity of a player. Smp5 has suffered this in a few locations including the town spawn and at my shop. I was disappointed that EMC has no way to counter this.
  2. The counter is catching and banning the people who do this :)
  3. Me and creator caught the person but I couldn't take a screenshot cause my FPS went down to 0-5! He even admitted it by saying "I hate dirt" and "It was a joke" his name was "nerdstoe". But I feel like this statement wont do anything since there is no screenshot. But I think looking in his rupees transaction if he bought huge amounts of dirt?
  4. He could have just collected the dirt or bought it for free
  5. Thats what I said... People sell "FREE" dirt on their shops. But I think it shows it on your transaction history. You can't achieve the lag spike with a few stacks. Your inventory has to be filled with dirt.