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  1. Would be possible to increase the time it takes for dropped items to despawn? Too often we die in the Wasteland and there's usually nowhere near enough time to make it back before everything is gone.

    Obviously that's the risk involved, but I think we need a bit more leeway.
  2. I will look into this to see if Bukkit provides a method to do this :)
  3. Bump.

    Any news on this?
  4. :eek: this would help.
  5. If only I would know where I die/died. You know, it's not the mob that kills me on the surface. It's those bloody holes that are everywhere. People have no respect for nature. I even go as far as filling up holes made by others :confused:
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  6. I dont like creeper holes
  7. I'd love to know what the current time for despawn is. I'd spent all day mining in the Wilds, had a really good haul of diamond and other precious or useful stuff, made it all the way back to the spawn area and just before I crossed the border into it, I fell victim to a lag spike and one of the many ridiculous holes that've been dug around there or blown out by Creepers.

    I was like a frothing animal trying to charge back there from the middle of the Wilds where I respawned in a tower!
  8. The despawn time is whatever Minecraft has it as. I am pretty sure it is based on ticks so it probably varies depending on server load...
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  9. Despawn time is supposed to be set at about 5 minutes, though many variables will make this number different. Also, if you die very far from your spawn and nobody else was near you, your items will be preserved indefinitely until you re-enter the area where you died, or rather until you load the chunk for a second time. Many a time have I died while on a massive expedition and found my items right where I left them, hours later.

    Those variables I was talking about are things like lag, and on single player things like client mods and the likes. On multiplayer, any mod that slows minecraft down (Makes days longer / Rains for longer) will also preserve your beautiful items.

    Oh, cool! I'm a moderator now.
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  10. Gratz man!!!
  11. Cool, I think you will make a great moderator :)

    I think I read somewhere that items don't despawn in the nether... can anyone confirm this?
  12. So far on Empire Minecraft I've died 2-3 times, and all of the times I got my items back. My secret is that before I press respawn, I find my position on the Live Map and the fastest way there. Then I rush back as fast as I can. It works really well for finding items again.
  13. That is a good tactic with looking on the map before you respawn!
  14. It has worked rather well. Another tactic I like is the buddy system. My brother and I are both on Empire Minecraft. Often we will go on expeditions in the wilderness together. If one of us dies, the other will go to his place of death and grab whatever he can. If there is more stuff he can't pick up, whoever died will use the Live Map to find the one who didn't die. Whoever didn't die will give unsold items (tools, personal diamonds) back, and simply add sold items to our store. Playing with friends/family is a huge advantage.