Itchy beards..

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  1. How do you people deal with them? :p my beard has recently just grown a lot... And it's really itchy and my first shave is upcoming. So, any advice?
  2. Well My beard is so long and itchy i have to apply several anti itching creams a day, one being peanut butter.

    :p on a side note i wasn't being serious but were you? lol
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  3. Lol, yup. I was.
  4. Lol well im sorry i have no advice to you, cept that my hair when its long it gets itchy but then i just cut it off xD
  5. She just recently discovered the fun of posting on the forums >.> last night/early this morning you could have played Bingo. I was hoping Bigdavie wouldn't think she was spamming for posts.

    Most people I know say it's time to shave when it gets itchy :/ I can't help you with beards lol.
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  6. Comes with the territory lol my itches like crazy for 2 weeks or so after growing one but after that barely itches. Best tip: shampoo it if long enough lol
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  7. I never have these itchy problems you speak off. Any discomfort out weighs that of having to shave every day... once you have been FORCED to do that for so long, you do not really notice much about itches.. just the lack of burning everyday.
  8. hmmm, who do we know from EMC who has a beard...
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  9. i am beardly but i don't itch

    just bathe yourself properly and you'll be fine
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  10. Maybe it's because it's only really just started to come in... I don't know XD
  11. I've grown mine out the longest its been so far since movember and now no shave december...

    It was itchish, but now its stopped and comfortable.

    Thankfully I was graced with slow growing facial hair.... I'm 27 and only have to shave like once a week to keep away from itch, but havent shaved since nov1st and now im good.... Kinda wanting to see what its like with more fuller beard but Max doesn't like it that much =P
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  12. Pics or it didnt happen.
  13. Seems like some people just don't itch. I've got a range, where at about 1/2 inch long hairs, it starts itching like mad. Make it past that point, and its fine, before and its fine. You find a solution to it - let me know, because it appears there's not one.

    Aftershave is the product to eliminate that burning.
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  14. Nah, I have mega sensitive skin on like one area of my neck, and it just razor burns like a beast. No matter what I would do, it would bleed and burn. Plus, when I was in the military, you would shave about 30 minutes before going out and running and getting all sweaty, and those nice newly shaved pores sure do love salty sweat in them.
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  15. I suggest trying something 100% natural, like this clearly safe leaf:
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  16. I've lucked out and I'm not allergic (at least to the poison ivy around here), so I can touch the stuff without issue. Still, I wouldn't risk it.
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  17. Max will get used to it... they all do
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  18. Are we going to see Aikar with a beard or WHAT? That's some BS, and I don't believe it.

    Also, Dwight mentioned shampoo. When I hit 2/3 months I usually start conditioning as well. Not only does it get super smooth, but using the wifes conditioner makes you smell a hint of [insert fruit] all day.
  19. Yea I heard that great for your skin
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  20. I dont grow a full beard, because i have this weird swirl thing on the side... so it looks like a whirlpool of hair
    ... but i do the chinstrap with a goatee mustache thing

    shapes the face quite nicely.