It is impossible for me to sell charcoal.

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  1. When people try to buy from my shop, it just says "Out of Stock" for them, even though I have 256 in there. I typed "COAL:1" on the sign, and it changed to "Charcoal coal:1", and I have tried typing "COAL:2". No matter what I try, nothing works. Help!
  2. Do this.

    Put a piece of coal in ur hand. Select it as ur active item. Then type in the command, /iteminfo

    that will give u an Item ID (which is 263). Put that item ID in the bottom line (dont put coal or anything else) and it will make it correctly for you.
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  3. Tried that, and it is 263:1. The shop changes it to Charcoal Coal:1
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  4. Charcoal is broken, sorry. I'm sure it will be fixed when the next update comes out. 1.1.0 anybody?
  5. Minecraft 1.10 comes out tomorrow if that's what you were referring to.
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