It Has Happened....

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  1. What Does the 2013 say?
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  2. Oh please no...
    Edit: I don't mean to rude or anything. :p
  3. Well, there is one word that sums it up, INTERNET.
    This is my definition of internet:

    Internet: A collection of electronic databases used to store and share weird things, cat videos, things that make no sense and "selfies".
  4. I think this video is a perfect representation of 2013, and should definitely be how we remember it.
  5. Guys.... I *might* have recorded it with Audacity.... *Uploads to phone*
  6. I only watched this to watch PewDiePie :) hehe
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  7. Best summary of 2013 in youtube ever.
  8. some things do make sense though, like this:

    But, the thing I missed was really howtobasic...

    Oh, and the cats:
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  9. I saw MysteryGuitarMan and I got super exited :p
    But then I saw JennaMarbles doing Wrecking Ball and I lost all faith in humanity...

    And then Pewds came on :3
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  10. umg JennaMarbles as Miley >.<
    (dat pic)
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  11. Howtobasic is so fun to watch their new videos :p
  12. I kinda like it, seems like it sums up alot of 2013 youtube videos
  13. Just wait till 2014