Issues with display mirroring on Mac

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by mba2012, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. Firstly, please don't tell me to get PC, because it's proven a Mac can do far more than a PC can when it comes to external displays.

    So, I got a display for Christmas to plug into my laptop. I go along and turn on display mirroring on my laptop and close the screen. The display and everything works until I modify the size of the Minecraft window. Every time I've resized it, it's crashed my laptop. Works fine when it's open, but not when it's closed. Is this just some sort of Java or Minecraft issue, and does anyone know how I could fix it?

  2. I want to know some things first. I am a mac user and I could help
    • how much ram do you have
    • are you using airplay streaming
    • what OS X version do you have
  3. Goto settings, Display, and check the box at the bottom "Show mirroring options when available" It should work
  4. I have 4GB ram. Using 10.8, I know 10.9 will fix a few issues. And I'm using MiniDisplay to HDMI, no airplay.
  5. That's simply to get it to mirror. I have that working. But my laptop crashes whenever I resize Minecraft while it is being mirrored and my laptop is shut.
  6. First, it takes a lot of memory or processing or whatever to mirror like that. I have a 4gb spare macbook and it lags horribly when i stream even with a wired connection. Second, 10.9 is a free upgrade so i would give it a try unless there is a problem why you can't