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  1. is there any way to pay for gold supporter without using anything to do with paypal? i'm trying to use my Prepaid Visa card, however paypal requires it to be tied to a bank account... can any1 help plz?
  2. I would talk to icecreamcow about this.
  3. As it is a monthly thing, a bank account is required.
  4. well, i was only planning on 2 monthes, seeing as how that's all my parents will allow... so i figured i could just use my visa, which has 25$ on it...
  5. You could try PMing IcecreamCow and attempt the transaction manually - although even that might not be possible due to PayPal's (dumb) system.

    I just wish that there was a "buy a single month of supporter without starting a subscription" button - then this wouldn't be a problem. >.<
  6. yeah i'm not sure how to cancel the payments because i only wanted to be supporter for one month
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  7. Visit this link:

    There should be a cancel button at the top. :)
  8. Unless it's something new, I recall Paypal suggesting that I tie my account to a bank account but they allow me to decline. I use a credit card instead. I've never used a gift card before but would expect it to work the same way. I'd try checking again.
  9. I can't say for sure, but since it's a subscription (not just a regular payment), I think it requires a valid card (as in proper card from the bank, not gift card) to pay for supporter. I think this could be what the OP is referring to. :)
  10. That occured to me after I posted. Looks like I must have been editing my post while you were replying.