[ISSUE] Wild horses pretending to be tame

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  1. Probably only problematic for people like me who have a horse breeding business but anyway..

    The horses used to have their name permanently above their head when tame and it appeared on hover if they were wild. Then Aikar updated and the tame horses now have their name appear when you hover over them and if they are wild no name appears.

    That's cool that it works like that now (cos 90+ horses with HORSE above their heads looked a bit silly) but my issue is that some sneaky wild horses I've had have pretended to be tame (my theory is it's so they can eat my golden carrots). They are definitely wild (cos I can then tame them and see the hearts) but they say HORSE when I hover over them like the tame ones.

    I breed lots of horses and have wasted probably a couple of hundred golden carrots (which are not all that cheap) feeding them to 'fake' tamed horses.

    Just wondered if anyone else had noticed this?
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  2. You have some smart horses...
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