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  1. Take a guess at who made that.
    iSpork is my website. I share stuff on there, like my Minecraft mods and Bukkit Plugins. I launched the Guest Book today, so feel free to drop something there :) I will reply.


    Forums: About 40% complete. Need to add some things.
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  2. ...forgot the poll.
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  3. Cant wait for the plugin to be finished! And the mod looks pretty good it it runs 1.3 then I may have it :D
  4. I have a blog I might start up again...
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  5. I'm waiting for 1.4 to update it. 1.2 came out too quickly, 1.3 was difficult, because modloader was just basically a beta for half the time, and then I was cursed with
    'Can't be botheredness'.

    Also, plugin is on bukkitdev! :D (No download yet)
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  6. Cant wait!
  7. Alright, scrapped AutoRestart. It was too basic. I've decided to have a retry at an old Player Mute project. Made the page available now, go check it out.

    Coming: Possibly tomorrow. Need a few bugs to be found, quarintened, removed, and to be checked for again.
  8. Updated site, added new blog post.

    Go check it out! :D
  9. Possibly going to launch forums tomorrow, and hide the guest book but not delete it.

    Also, I may change the theme to this:

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  10. Ehhh, no. Not that.
  11. I'm not sure myself. I like the look of my site as it is, because it looks clean and TBH, I like its resemblance to apple's website theme :p
  12. Clean always looks better to me.
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  13. Updated OP. New logo..thing...

    Take a guess at who made it ;)
  14. Going to add an IRC soon. Pushing an update out to the site tonight.