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  1. You do know this means you won't be able to connect to EMC?
  2. these guys are all idiots
  3. Yeah. After looking more into it, it's not such a good idea...
  4. There is no such thing as privacy on the internet.

    Pretty much everything you do is in some form or another, tracked or logged. From websites with ads that cookie track you to your ISP tracking your activity, through to foriegn agencies that capture email traffic in bulk for later dissemination everything you do is monitored in some shape for form.

    Even in day to day routine, privacy is pretty much non-existent if you are in anyway 'connected'. Mobile phones can be track when they're turned off, you are caught on dozens of CCTV systems every day and in short, unless you become a hermit on a desert island, you are on the system somewhere and are being tracked and monitored at various stages.

    Who would want a service like this unless you have something to hide?

    I monitor and secure my own activities by not having a Facebook profile that reveals anything of worth. I have a handful of friends on it and no personal information. I have two email accounts, one for everyday use to catch all the spam and one for professional matters that is spam free. I don't download any illegitimate files because I understand the concept of theft and in short, I have a clear conscience as to what can be found out about me online and know that it is fairly harmless stuff.
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  5. Sounds like an awesome idea to me. No taxes to pay, no one spying on me and I already don't like people so being alone would just be a bonus.
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  6. If you've never seen Castaway with Tom Hanks, watch it. Considering it's a main stream film, I think it conveys how crap that would actually be very well. :)
  7. Yes I've seen it, but remember that I'll get the last laugh when the zombie apocalypse happens.
  8. How would you know it had happened? ;)
  9. Because he'll have Satellite TV :)
  10. Exactly I'm not gonna be a cast away. I'll fix up the island before I go live there.
  11. I would rather live on a Tropical Island... Desert Island is stupid.. No resources or shade. You wouldn't survive...
  12. Wow this forum is way off topic:).
  13. Aaah. A millionaire hermit with an entirely self-sufficient lifestyle, qualified in electrical engineering, agriculture and of course, basic household DIY.

    Silly me. :)
  14. I believe he meant 'dessert island' . Not really, but I'd enjoy it
  15. I don't understand your comments. Where does it say the implementation would make it so you can't connect to traditional services like EMC?

    This article is about a general idea, not an implementation.

    I don't think its stupid. I'm by far not an advocate for privacy. I drink the Google koolaid, but I don't see harm in a service like this.
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  16. It's not that the concept of it is stupid, it's the amount of hype it'll no doubt gain and the people it'll no doubt suck in who then still reveal their entire life on Facebook to every passing random.
  17. Old topic, As far as I'm aware. This server hides your I.P, And Minecraft requires your I.P to connect to a server, Correct?