iSmoochGames Youtube Obsidian Fotress Part 1: River Riders

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  1. Taking a little break from the Survival and working a Little Adventure :) Thanks for all the continuous support guys, never go a couple of days without getting another sub.. its nice :).

    iSmooch and LadyHayley Begin their adventure on Obsidian Fortress. They embark on this first map of a three map adventure series. There are many trials to be faced.

    Link to Map:

    Link to Texture Pack:

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  2. YAY! more
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  3. of course ^.^ always keeping them pumping
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  4. You never let me down ISMOOCH

    J/k :D

    I also 9 times out of 10 crash the boat. I can't wait to see more of this! All the adventure maps I try to do are usually broken/glitchy.
  6. I am actually suprised this one did as well as it did, considering that it was not made for this version of minecraft.. 1.2.3 or something like that.. so I was worried there would be things that were messed up. but it transfered over just fine.
  7. Ahhh. I didn't think of that on the ones I've tried. I sent you the one decent video I was able to get of the one we tried last night.
  8. You guys should try SkyBlock sometime. It gets really interesting, especially with over 5 people. We got into an argument about communism and split into 2 islands. Then we had a massive civil war, resulting in the other island being destroyed (cause I'm awesome, naturally) and them being put into endless freefall. :D
  9. Hahaha, that sounds amusing! We had started a map similar to SkyBlock but were failing miserably so put it on hold for a while. We might go back to it :)

    Thanks for watching, everyone :) Make sure to like, fav, comment, subscribe! You know the deal!
  10. It really is fun with tons of people. If I could play with you guys I would be honored....
    *crosses fingers* :D
  11. >.> Ditto?
  12. Maybe we will have guests on one of our adventures :)
  13. *cough* contest? *cough*
  14. I have done this map before in 1.1.0 and it was pretty cool (even though I rage quit half way through) XD
  15. Smooch do you not want to have friends join you on your adventures :confused: ?
  16. I don't think they mean it that way.
  17. I was meaning it sarcastically :D
  18. Ooh! A Contest! I can't wait!
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  19. im going to be completely honest with you.. this has gotten alot larger than i originally thought it would :D.. but it has always been my intention to add more people... dont worry there are plenty of plans for involvement I am just trying to figure out the best way to implement "guests". Like how to choose them.. so I was kind of thinking a contests with different kinds of awards.. like

    1st place: Gets to do an entire adventure map arc of your choosing + a few episodes on the survival series

    2nd place: gets to appear in a few episodes of the survival series

    3rd place: appears in an episode of the survival series

    4th place: gets to suggest an adventure map that will do and gets a shout out of all of the videos from that adventure

    5th place: recieves a shouout however they want it displayed (i.e "Visit Player1234's Shop at res 0001 @ smp7" in the credits, or a Vocal shoutout)

    But I have to come up with some kind of contest that would apply to videos :p
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