iSmoochGames YouTube Obsidian Fortress Part 2: Into the Fortress

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  1. Taking a little break from the Survival and working a Little Adventure :)
    Thanks for all the continuous support guys, never go a couple of days without getting another sub.. It's nice. :)

    LadyHayley and iSmooch continue their adventure through the Obsidian Fortress - the first map of a three map adventure series. There are many trials to be faced.

    Link to map:

    Link to texture pack:

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  2. woot .. piling them on :p
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  3. Good time choice,I was just about to turn the ipad off :)

    Oh I almost forgot :
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  4. almost repetitive.. but still valid.. and still ..

    no comment ;)
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  5. Saw this as soon as it came out it looked great but what is up with the lava in that texture pack it's well umm... *Wicked*
    By the way do you use opticians to get the grass to connect like that?
  6. the grass looks like that because of MCPatcher.. which you have to use to utilize an HD texture Pack anyways :p.. but the better grass is an option that you just check.. and then the sides of the grass make that awesome connect..
  7. Oh ok so where do I get that and will it work on default minecraft?
  8. Wow the clay looked different to how it always has. Hayley was right, it used to be spotty. I use the same texture pack and I didn't even know what that was.
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  9. I love that intro song. I want to see more...Video why must you end?
    Dispenser sign made me think of this xD
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  10. :mad: Ever single time one of these comes out I'm at school
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  11. Dont Worry.. there will be plenty more. Its not like they are going any where :p
  12. Not allowed to make and place clay blocks?
  13. no, the rules were read off in the first video..cant place any block unless told to do so.
  14. Are you at least allowed to make clay blocks? Seriously, those balls fill up yer inventory fast XD
  15. I throw them in lava eventually.. :p just not in this episode
  16. LE GASP! Spoiler D:
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  17. oh noes!!! I totally should have spoiler tag'd that i guess.. because it contained alot of good plot points and such xD
  18. Haha Yeah, totally ruined the show //wrist.
    I'm so glad you understand humor and sarcasm.
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  19. btw.. just wanted to point out.. that i make all the musicz for these videos.. Just in case anyone wanted to know :p