iSmoochGames Youtube Minecraft Survival Part 6: Dieing for Diamonds

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  1. Another Epic installment of our super survival adventure..

    iSmooch and LadyHayley continue their epic quest to stay alive (while dying multiple times).

    Just a quick note:

    Thanks for all the support guys :) It really helps, the next few episodes are fueled almost entirely off of the comments we received previously. So thanks for all of your great comments guys.
  2. Now we wait for theStar19 to say 'MARRY THAT GIRL'
  3. What have we learned today?: Mine the red stone BEFORE jumping in or you die in lava.

    Also, I see this a lot too. Though mine is never Diamond, it's always random junk while I have inventory full of nice stuff.
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  4. I liked the red stone tip
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  5. ... thanks for everyone point out my stupidity xD
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  6. LOL I wasn't pointing out your stupidity! I'm just letting you know you're not the only one who does this.

    Edit: If I was pointing out your stupidity I'd be all "Zomgggggg ism00ch is sosooo stupid he jumpeded in teh lavaaazzz!!!!!111!!!"

    Besides, at the end of the vid you asked "SO what did we learn today?" :p
  7. :) you guys are a great audience.. we appeal to the right crowd xD
  8. Well ty
  9. I just cant be bothered.. i am trying to be as vanilla as possible on the survival portions of this.
  10. I am going to subscribe to you guys as soon as I don't have dial up speed you guys are cool I don't know why star19 hasn't come on yet :)
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  11. we are pretty cool ;)
  12. He's not here yet?
    Ah, I'll save him the trouble.
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  13. Gosh, I'm popular <3
  14. So you guys inspired me to get fraps and record the stuff I do with my sister and our friend Shin. I sound so
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  15. Just randomly recording is so fun.
  16. Oh Im sorry,I was having breakfast,But Ill do it again :)

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  17. You dont have to wait anymore :)