iSmoochGames: Youtube Minecraft Survival Part 4

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  1. iSmooch and LadyHayley continue their epic quest to stay alive (while dying multiple times).

    Just a quick note:

    Thanks for all the support guys :) It really helps, the next few episodes are fueled almost entirely off of the comments we received previously. So thanks for all of your great comments guys.

    I am really happy with how much input we are getting from everyone. I hope you guys are enjoying watching as much as we are making them.. thanks again :).
  2. Love it. Love it. Love it.
  3. Glad you did :) motivates me to make more
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  4. Nice job you two - love to see survival movies :)

    Btw, as of 1.2.4 creepers spawns freely in forest biomes, regardless of light level.
  5. what? .... I am tired of learning new things as I am playing xD... already have comments on youtube to this video telling me how to minecraft properly >.< .. i thought I knew more about this game... apparently I am full of noob sauce.
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  6. This series keeps me up at night on my ipod, I watch it every night because its so goood!!! Subscribed :D

    EDIT: Wow. this sounds creepy... :oops:
  7. subscribed back xD

    Im glad you like it so much. We are trying to keep the videos coming. the last 4 days in a row there has been a video released... maybe the pattern says there will be another tomorrow? :eek:
  8. Yay! :D :D :D :D :D :D
  9. Well apparently it wasn't added in the change logs - so i would say; its a bug.
  10. Don't feel bad, 9/10 times I'm the one dieing. When close to death I adopt Hayley's "Has a sword, runs from the enemies." thing though.

    And you guys think that Zombie noise was annoying, my sister and our friend decided we were gonna play the Fallout map. Deserted wasteland, busted buildings, booby traps, and all you hear is Zombies bashing on doors and you can't find them. Plus massive enemy spawn.
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  11. Ok,... I wasn't sure before but now I'm pretty sure Hayley is running around that god forsaken place in her BLOOMERS!!!!

    Uh huh! :D
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  12. I think I might post the next one of these on the forums so I don't come in late and have a wall of text to reply to :p


    I just laughed so hard! They're denim short shorts haha. This is the first skin I've ever made from scratch. :)

    I am such a chicken. I never go anywhere without a sword and torches xD And somehow I seem to manage to try attack things with my torches more often than not. Derp! And yes, the zombies are SO annoying. They're excessively loud >.<

    Whaaaaat! No wonder they kept showing up, those rascals! Thanks for watching :)

    Thanks for the support Pwn :) :) Not creepy at all!

    Thanks Harukono! Your support is appreciated :D


    Well, thanks for watching everyone :) We have been having a lot of fun filming these, and there are big plans in the future :) Keep watching for more excitement! - LadyHayley
  13. I have never seen one of these before but man I'd want a tv show about them but with the characters talking :D Just awesome guys, awesome
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  14. You want us in a TV show? :confused: Haha, thanks for watching :D
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  15. wow.. this video has probably gotten the most attention out of all of them so far xD I am glad so many people are enjoying them :) hayley and I definitely have fun doing them
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  16. I just rewatched this and lol'd at myself xD
  17. oh hayley is that haley! i getit now :D
    BTW its rly good! keep making it!
  18. LadyHayley = hayleycolgan :p
  19. 2 accounts?
  20. Nah she uses witchcraft to change her name :p

    Yes silly 2 accounts.