iSmoochGames Video: Adventure Map!

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  1. So we decided to do an adventure map this time. And this is part 1 of that. was quite an interesting map. "You Just got schooled". Also, I made a new intro... it may not look the best.. but I was very proud of it. Took 4 hours to get all 8 seconds of that video xD but I learned alot about After Effects in the process. Like, Comment, Subscribe for more!

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  2. You have a wonderful microphone :D
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  3. I hate my microphone.... but its not so much my microphone as my recording conditions. Its just loud ambience around me all the time.
  4. I could tell :D I would love to play with you guys so if you ever have an open spot let me know ;)
  5. You still suck at jumping puzzles :)
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  6. >.>
  7. i would love to be in one of these that would be sick :):):):)
  8. I might hold a contest one of these days with the prize for the winner to do a short bit of an adventure map. That could be fun.
  9. that would be cool everyone could submit there own video of them doing survival like the first five minutes then end it and you would pick whatever one you like the best
  10. I will think about the details.. maybe after a couple of more episodes we will mention it in a video.
  11. yeah that would be sick