iSmoochGames: Minecraft Survival Part 5

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  1. LadyHayley and iSmooch continue their epic adventures through Minecraft.

    The title is quite appropriate, don't you think? ;) This episode is a continuation from last episode, and it is quite hilarious if I do say so myself. I know I wasn't the only one who found it amusing. All I could hear was iSmooch laughing as he edited it :p We just hope you find them this funny too.

    Thanks for watching everybody! Hope we haven't fooled you by me posting it this time. All the feedback we got on the last episode was awesome! Keep it coming, your support is so greatly appreciated :) Remember to like, favourite, comment, subscribe, tell your friends, tell your dog, watch it with your mum, whatever. You know the YouTube deal :D

    And yes, before anyone asks again.. I am LadyHayley :D
  2. AWWW YEAHHH episode 5 :cool:
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  3. This game makes me curse too. Especially when my inventory is full of important stuff that I should put in a chest in a safe place but I'm too interested in exploring to do so. Or when I dig into lava.
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  4. Another good one .. this is getting to be a HABIT y'all. :D
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  5. Wait, part 5? Im just seeing this for the 1st time, where's part 1-4?
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  6. YAY! More deaths as promised
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  7. I want more sssssssssssssss..... BOOM.
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  9. I have a question. How did you guys meet each other? You sound like very good friends :).
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  10. I think they're a couple. If not they sure act like it :p

    So I just re-watched this. I now want to see this giant hole Hayley made in the house with the creeper. Especially with iSmooch's reaction at the end.
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  11. They are together..
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  12. Part 1-4 were posted up here by iSmooch but you can find them on our YouTube channel :) Thanks for watching!

    I don't know what you're talking about.. we can't stand each other.. :p Just kidding, we are a couple and we're very happy.
  13. I like you. Just showing up on these threads and yelling that. It's great. xD
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  14. yay!
  15. I just watched them on my phone using 3g (all of them!) .............. I loved all of them. One question ismooch what did U use to video the thing?¿?I wanna start videoing minecrqft things :D once again I wrecked these were awesome and funny....MAKE MORE!!!
  16. I use fraps, and edit in premier.. I wish luck to you in learning to use it. Lord knows i have been having the roughest time getting it all right xD
  17. So how do I get it?¿? Just type it into google and does it cost anything ?
  18. And how did U guys communicate? Skype? Like the talking?
  19. I believe it does cost to buy, and we used Skype. Trust me though, it's not easy. Smooch has been putting in a lot of work to get it all right for y'all.
  20. ok thx hope you guys make more :]