iSmoochGames : Light of Aster - Part One: The Beginning!

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  1. We're baaaaaack! Sorry for the delay guys. Due to schoolwork and irl stuff, it has made it hard for us to get some recording done. But we are here now, and we have our contest winner with us this time... Aubringer! We hope you enjoy this!! It was so much fun to film :)

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  2. w00t! So glad you guys are back :D. Also I love how that just says "NO PATCH" over and over. Some I have used I forgot and when I loaded game I was surrounded by walls of USE THE PATCHER NOOB.
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  3. yeah some of them are funny... i facepalmed def after that tho.. i could not believe that i forgot xD
  4. Silly iSmooch :p
  5. Yes but I think loading up inside your house with walls and floors that read NO PATCH looks nicer than those of USE THE PATCHER NOOB
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  6. Better watch this now :D
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  7. Finally.
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  8. haha going to sand temple going to sand a treasure map... what?! we must find the chest. lol:p

    And yeah,Nice video :)
  10. Just on time their ;)
  11. Yeah sorry,I need to be quicker next time :)
  12. sorry for the long break everyone.. there was lots of stuffs going on.. but the important thing.. we are back now.. with a nice long list of things to do and a little tiny window to do them in :p
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  13. I loved this! ^_^
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  14. Who doesn't?
  15. :)

    I got you some wood on smp8 by the way :p Like 8 stacks so far.
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  16. I loved it. Kinda wish my mic had been working, but meh. I (hopefully) get another chance later.
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  17. I was just about to pm you about that hayley ^_^
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  18. Awesome! I'm a Star!
    It's good to see what goes on behind the scenes of your great productions....I had a ton of fun filming, and it took me a week to get the sand out of my boots....
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  19. lolz...

    and more to come... just so you guys know.. aubringer had to have picked easily one of the more .... difficult ... maps I have done. Not just straight up because of jumping puzzles and killing things.. but the way some of the puzzles have to solved... truly ... infuriating.
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