Isla Madacha

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    A land of serenity, peace, red cows who happen to have mushrooms on them, and mushrooms...

    Yes, that's right. I'm bringing about the return of my wildly unsuccessful SMP5 outpost that really should be counted as successful by me, since it has a few massive structures all over it that have been standing for nearly two years (or less, I forgot.).

    Since it is a relatively small island, I expect it to fill up quickly if this ever takes off. Once we expand to new horizons (that's if this one ever takes off the ground), I expect that not very much of the places we find will be, y'know...mushroom-y, and mobless. So join quickly :p

    So, if you'd like to build without having those pesky creepers sneak up behind you, zombies filling those crevices you just can't find, and hang out with people instead of living like a hermit on the island like me, join today! :3

    To join, just post that you'd like to join the outpost and i'll PM you with details on how to get here, or a current member who's already received details can copy and paste them to you.

    [Don't mind this, just reminding myself where I shall place links if I somehow manage to forget]
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  2. This looks interesting. May be a spot of fun, perhaps I shall think about joining. Good luck with your islands Soul. :)
  3. Sounds cool, I really like the name. And, of course, I love mushrooms. :p I'd like to join, if possible. :) Thanks!
  4. Sure. Can you hang on a few hours? I need to finish the PM stuff I have and find out a few things about the island's location, and I also need to sleep :p
  5. Of course, no problem. :) Take your time.