Is your improved chat not working?

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  1. So, you've downloaded improved chat for minecraft smp and are using MagicLauncher (latest version 0.9.7) -- recommend using it as it's so much easier to run mods on --, and the status says 'no mods found'. Fortunately, the fix is very simple. Jeremy was able to help me through this. Just follow the steps below:

    1. Use winrar/winzip/7zip(free) to UNZIP the archive/mod file.
    2. Open the archived file. You should see another folder (this is the reason it won't work)
    3. Open THAT folder, it should list all of the class files
    4. Select ALL the files, right click on one of them, click 7-zip, and then click Add to
    5. Once it is finished, you will see the archive file/mod file that you can now use.
    6. Place this file where you keep your other mods, add this NEW file to your magiclauncher setup screen, status should now show OK. Run the game, test on a server.

    In the chat before Improved Chat, when you pull open your chat window with 't', you see a '>'. This has been replaced with a ':'. You should now be able to scroll through the chat window and more. Below is a small guide for improved chat.

    *********IMPROVED CHAT GUIDE*********

    This mod is called the Improved Chat mod, but it does way more than just that. With this mod, you can completely ignore other players, you won't even see their username show up in any conversation -unless you want to-

    This mod uses Regular Expressions, which were pretty confusing to me at first, but after a little research I've found the commands that I find to be most helpful when trying to ignore certain players.

    First, you'll want to make a new Chat tab -basically a whole other chat, that displays different information-

    Do this by typing:
    ~tab <name> (for instance, I use "Ignored")

    Then, bind a key to switch between tabs:
    ~bind <key> ~move tab 0 1

    To delete the bind, use:
    ~delete bind <key>

    Then, when you go back to the default tab, you'll want to ignore a player, right?:
    ~ignore \b<playername>\b (Make sure to include the \b's before and after the name, otherwise it won't work)

    To see a list of things you've ignored (you can ignore words with it too) just type:
    ~list ignore

    To close a tab, open that tab, then type:

    Say you want to unblock them:
    ~delete ignore 0 ( 0 is for first person you ignored, it goes up by 1 the more people you ignore, but if you delete 0, 1 would be 0, 2 would be 1, and so on)

    How about setting one of your tabs to view the person you blocked? First, go to that tab, then:
    ~track \b<playername>\b

    To make a tab that shows everything, Like default does without modifications, type:
    ~track ^

    To delete a track, use:
    ~delete track 0 (same as with the ignore)

    To be notified when you've got a message in one of your tabs, open that tab and enter:
    ~blink on

    Additional benefits: This mod makes copying and pasting within chat easy to do, using CTRL+C or CTRL+V.
    Chat overflow, so if you type a long message it'll send as 2 or more messages.
    Chat bar raising for easy viewing, no more hoping you didn't typo at the end of your message, and no more cut off.
    You can bind any of the commands in-game to a key, using the ~bind command.

    *Original Thread for guide

    Hope this helps!