is your house next?

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  1. something was indeed wanted in that building...

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  2. Brainzzzzz, if you are 'new' to mc 1.2.3 you should know that zombies try to kill villagers. And there are Iron Golems, and zombies can break doors
  3. no..... i've been playing minecraft for a few years...
    i just thought it was hilarious they were banging at one door, that did not have a single villager in...

    and yes, i know this.. you don't have to act like i'm 12 who just started playing two days ago... :(
  4. lol they were late to there zombie meeting :)
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  5. Sorry, didn't mean to do that :(
  6. It's okay, I forgive you :)
  7. World War Z is coming true right before my eyes.
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  8. Great book. Soon to be a movie.
  9. The movie will not follow the plot of the book though...
  10. There is a villager behind the building they are paying no attention to :p
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  11. :( They never do sadly.
  12. true, i don't know how long he was there, they were pounding on that for a good five minutes.. i wasn't paying any attention to anything other than that. lol