Is villager breeding disabled in town?

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  1. /\/\ Thats all I wanted to know. I heard from a friend that it was and my villagers are not breeding. But I could of sworn I saw someone's villagers breed. So, is it disabled or not?
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  2. It's not disabled, I have a huge villager farm, I get about a stack of villager eggs everyday.
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  3. No, but please do not go overboard. a player on SMP4 yesterday crashed it by having 10k+ villagers in its breeding farm
  4. How do you breed?
  5. A nice bed, some candles, some music.. :p

    Just get two villagers and a bunch of doors
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  6. Not s...s....:eek::eek::eek::eek:
  7. Thats not possible, a breeding farm will only make 1/3 as many villagers as there are doors. According to you, he had 30000+ doors, all on a single res, which had access to sunlight. The crashes are from the buggy update
  8. *Activates Mind Eraser*
    On Topic: You might want to create one oft he villager breeding structures. Look on YouTube.
  9. Yay for sarcasm!
  10. His farm got to 2500, it was a glitch with the breeding system to go overboard with it.