Is this Wrong?

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Is this Wrong

Yes 6 vote(s) 42.9%
No 8 vote(s) 57.1%
  1. Is it wrong to spy on people's local chat by taking advantage of Supporters hide from map command. Invasion of privacy should not be part of the issue because all chat except private messages are public...

    Any thoughts about this?
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  2. Though the normal rule one should follow is "If you feel guilty doing something."
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  3. You said my name! :3
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  4. The real question is why are you spying? Really what are you gaining from it? Just gossip? Spy away, but if it is for nefarious purposes shame on you.
    I finally got to use that word! nefarious, hilarious and all ious.
  5. It's not spying if they can do '/c who' and think "Oh, whats this guy doing..."
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  6. Wht does /c do;)
  7. Edited ;)
  8. Funny how your supporter...
  9. I think that's the idea ahaha.
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  10. I had just simply thought about this after a couple of people talked about how they are going out in the wild... and I just had this thought. It seems like awful risky business because it would be kind of awkward if they catch you spying
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  11. If people are in the wild using local chat to say things that are better said in private, then it's totally their fault if someone overhears something they weren't meant to. On the other hand, stalking is bad, mmmkay?
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  12. well I remember this time when I was on I think it was smp3 and I over saw this conversation and they told me to leave them alone, so I was like "But I'm A Stalker ;3" and then I left them alone its was really funny (they knew it was a joke) and before anyone gets any ideas I'm not a stalker but I do follow people. On the forums silly ;3
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  13. The worst thing I would worry about is catching them cheating; Panic, not get a sufficient screenshot, they see me, they start throwing hateful comments at me and I quickly log out. Only to find a giant hole where I logged out at where I fall to my death :(
  14. Well than get those screen shots, good or bad.
  15. SPAM THE F2 BUTTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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