Is this strange to you?

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  1. Today in math we are doing a project where we pick a city, and find the travel costs. We have to find the cost of flight, rental cars, restaurants, hotels, excursions, etc. So naturally my friends pick cities such as (and we picked random cities out of a box, we didn't choose them) London, Sydney, Beijing, Tokyo, Vancouver, Cairo, Nassau, Paris, and Berlin. Of course with my luck, I get FREAKING Riga in Latvia. I had never even heard of that city in my entire life, and I think I was the only one in my class who knew what Latvia even is. And of course, our budget is 3,000 USD, but it costs about that just for a round-trip flight. Here's the worst part:
    Riga was the only city no one had never heard of. Every other city were cities that normal people would go to on a trip Does this seem strange to you?
  2. I had to do a project where we traveled... I had to go to Afghanistan :confused:
    I mean, who wants to go to Afghanistan? It's actually a pretty nice country if you go to the right places :p
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  3. This is... RIGGED. Tell the principal that your teacher is harassing you by giving you a harder time by giving a random place instead of easy ones like the others.