Is this problem client or server side???

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  1. I just updated, even though I didn't know that there was an update upcoming, so to speak, and now I can not log into any of your servers. I keep on getting a log in error message even though I'm playing online. Also, I was running Optifine with Magic launcher.

    Would anyone be able to give me a guess as to what's going on?
  2. Also, this is particularly sad because I had just started my utopia plot.... T_T
  3. what error message are you getting?
  4. Same Problem here
  5. It client ive tryed other servers and it has same error
  6. Magic launcher often doesn't work with me for online I would use regular minecraft
  7. :( now I have to do my HomeWork
  8. It's all on the minecraft side of stuff nothing to do with the servers. Well I suggest if you got offline worlds go add stuff to them, and if you don't well then go do something else because I doubt it will be a quick fix. An hour minimum imo.
  9. Crap, nvm. There was a legitimate update that they snuck up on us:

    So now I need to go figure out how to downgrade my minecraft back to the last one. On brighter news, apparently the new update comes with an upgraded crafting and storage system!!! Yay Mojang!
  10. Oh I thought it was the server too. If you find a way to downgrade could you let me know?
  11. we didnt get an update lol
    the minecraft login server isnt working right
  12. Pyro, this. The 502 error you are getting is because the authentication server at Mojang isn't responding to a gateway call. Which is a long way of saying that your "I.D." can't be verified for multiplayer. It takes varying times to fix, given it's usually just a reboot of the database with all active paid users in it. Check back every so often in your client or at the url above to see if it's been fixed. You should still be able to play in Single player. If so, that just reinforces that the problem is server side (Mojang's servers though, not EMC). Also, welcome to Utopia!

    *edit* Looks like it's up. Yay!
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  13. Lol Wow I'm Relieved To See I'm Not The Only One Getting That 502 Error Message. Yeah I Had Just Updated To Diamont Status Myself So I'm A Little Bummed. Its All Your Fault Scarligmione! You DID THIS DONT DENY IT! J/k Check Back Later To See If Its Up.
  14. Uhhhh

    that link is now broken not just not working
  15. Working now
  16. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!