Is this my fault??

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  1. Could my roof top have burned down because of my fire place???
  2. It is very likely. If you are on your lot type /res set firespread false.

    I think that is the correct command.
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  3. What does this command do? Said 'Flag Set...'
  4. It means fire will not spread from block to block. Also can you show a screen shot of the building before it was burnt, then I can work out whether it was the fireplace, but it looks like it was.
  5. I just heard something "burning" figured it was my torches downstairs, then went upstairs to put some glass in the back windows... Found fire spreading block to block, so I knocked out like 6 blocks and it was all gone... :(

    Oh well hopefully the command will help in case it ever could happen again.


    Even though the first floor never burned, interesting...
  6. Make the blocks around the fireplace half slabs or to be safe 3 rows half slabs around it so wouldn't happen again :D
  7. I'll just blame Wolves, problem solved :)
  8. Haha :)
  9. Yeah - sorry I did not explain better.

    It will make it so the fire will not move from block to block. If you ever want to turn it back on type /res set firespread true.
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  10. *thumbs up :D and remember when this is on grass won't grow on your res
  11. The firespread flag also stops grass, mycelium, vines, mushrooms, etc from spreading also, as they all rely on that flag.
  12. I was under the impression that Aikar separated the firespread flag from the rest of them. My grass still grows when firespread is off, currently.
  13. wasnt me!!!
  14. Correct. Grass/Mycel is no longer affected by firespread.

    Reduced some lag from Residence by making that change too!
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  15. What's the one I've seen for some people res's to stop water from flowing?
    Is that flow? Or firespread too?
  16. /res set waterflow false
    /res set lavaflow false I think =]
  17. /res set waterflow f
    /res set lavaflow f

    /res set flow f - controls both
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