Is this lag?

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  1. Some situations i've experienced in the wildy...
    -"RAWR! im a zombie! with a creeper behind me!" *i drop and start crawling using only my tongue* *outruns zombie and creeper* If your not good at seeing what i mean, what im trying to say is that mobs move extremly slow.
    -"BWAHAHAHAHA Fire aspect! You all shall fall before my wrath!" *lights mob on fire* *10 seconds later, mob actually takes damage*
    -"Creeper! :D" *dies instantly* "What!? it didnt even turn white/ssss!" *sniffle*

    Are those examples client lag or server lag?
  2. Well if your between SMP1-4 the hardware it has doesn't process fast enough thus making mobs move a little slower. Even though the servers between 1-4 have a quad core, the Gigahertz they have is not fast enough. Compared to the other newer servers I think Justin said that they have fewer cores, I may think that its a Dual-Core processor with a 3.2 or 3.8 GHz processing power. The higher the GHz the better. It also cannot be your client because if its your client the lag will be more like moving forward and some how your teleported back. Even though changing to SMP5 or SMP6 sounds so delicious I suggest not moving because they're soon to improve the hardware for SMP1-4. I hope you understand now that why the mobs are being slow.
  3. Minecraft dont support multicore :( D:
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  4. I think they did, it was stated in a Minecraft Wiki post. It was probably somewhere else but they have just recently supported multi-core.
  5. The Minecraft server runs almost everything in a single thread. Making a multi-threaded server applications is a BIG task, and I doubt they will ever make that investment.
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