Is there any way to recreate the signs you initially have at your residence?

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  1. I've been working on my residence, and I was creating a room set aside specifically to contain the 10 signs and the buried chest that the residence started off with when I joined the server, but I accidentally destroyed one or two signs in the process. I want to put them back, but there are some issues:

    • One of them is the sample store pricing sign, with the buying and selling prices for Diamonds. When I try to replace the sign and type in the exact same text as was there before (which includes a newline at the very top), it always wants to auto-add "Howitzer_21" on the top line. This wasn't there before.
    • The other one is the sign that was right on top of it. When you hold shift while right-clicking, you're supposed to be able to post a sign on top of another sign, but this isn't working. It'll ask me what I want the sign to say, but as soon as I tell it that I'm done entering text, it just sort of keeps the sign in my inventory without actually placing it.
    Is there a way to fix these signs back to the way they originally were? Thanks!TheT
  2. The reason it wants to put that there is because you are creating a shop and it adds your name to sell it with. I don't think there is a way to fix that. I don't know what is wrong with the shift-clicking so someone else will have to answer that.
  3. The default signs are created using world edit (not a player) so it doesn't recognize any name to to put in the name part on the sign

    When you manually place a sign over the chest it will automatically assume that a player is placing it and look to see who typed the message.

    To be able to place the sign on the sign above it (stack them) make sure you're standing above the sign (maybe stand on a block) so that way you're not standing in the way... sometimes if you're standing on a sign or accidentally place it over a block that it normally doesn't go to, it won't register as actually being able to place it...
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  4. Thanks. Does that mean there's no way to get those original signs back?
  5. Wow, alright. Thanks, y'all!
  6. Maybe ask senior staff. I'm sure they might help you :)
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  7. So I was thinking... and managed to come up with a theory. I tested it, and sure enough, it works. I've included screenshot evidence, too.
    It's pretty simple to create, and can be done by typing &r in front of any line. I hope this helped. :)
  8. Thanks, PenguinDJ, that's brilliant! That seemed to also fix the problem where I couldn't stack the other sign on top.
  9. No. you could ask staff and see if they would help... but don't count on them though.
  10. Your information is a bit outdated...
  11. do /v open i think to get to an open res, then look at them there