Is there any way to gain xp fast ??

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  1. I have bought a silk touch pick axe, but I used it a little bit, but to repair it it costs much xp, and I reach lvl30 in 1 month

    So is there a sort of farms can I do??

    Or there a plant that gives you xp when harvesting it??

    Or something legal like that to get xp ??
  2. What server is you're main server?

    Consider grinding, smelting, or mining coal and other ores, that gives you xp.
  3. Its easy, find a dungeon at the wild, DONT destroy the spawner, then you can create a grinder (mobs will spawn and you kill them for xp) there are tons of ways to make awesome grinders, ask for help if you need. :)
    Also mining gives you xp.
  4. Is grinder legal ??
  5. Lol, yes.
    It takes about 2 hours to build a dark room grinder, but it's easier than finding a dungeon + you get drops from all mobs and even more XP.
  6. H
    But what the size of the room ??

    And where can I do it in the wild?? The nearest land is 100 miles away.
  7. It would be better to do it somewhere without land. That way the only place monsters can spawn is your grinder.
  8. I didn't get you.

    Did you mean I make it in the sky??

    The other players will see it and break it.

    Every one must keep his things hidden in the wild.
  9. Is there a tutorial for this grinder ???
  10. Not on EMC.

    Just make a grinder from a spawner.
  11. Ethoslab. Just watch him. Search for his darkroom grinder tutorial.
    A darkroom is usually a 20x20 (for best results) mined out square room where the mobs wander and fall into water.
    Then they fall a few blocks and you kill them :p