Is there any way I can back to town or outpost while im in the Wild?

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  1. Please help me send me a message if you can't or your having a problem post on the thread. I'm wondering if there is anyway i can get out of the wild because i'm lost and I can't find my way out. Please HELP!
  2. you could die...
    just some advise
  3. Step 1: click the servers tab and find the live map for your server
    Step 2: find yourself on the map
    Step 3: follow the map home
    Step 4: be happy :D
  4. Thanks loads!
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  5. Nice advice ya got there! Jk :) Nobody like to die. Period. Even on purpose, you have to admit that dying in Minecraft makes you upset. :) Dying is especially not fun when you have 16 diamonds, 37 iron, and 25 obsidian in your inventory now is it? jk... Haha not likes thats ever happened to me ;) anyway... Have a nice day!

  6. Yeah, when this happens don't panic. That's the worst you could do :p
    Like margaritte said, look on the live map. That's what I always do.
    It really works! :D
  7. You posted so many things - un-needed, and everything was in the wrong topic.
  8. Die and respawn.
    Use the live map to find your way home.
    Wander aimlessly until you stumble upon protected spawn.
    Use a Rei's mini-map and follow the co-ordinates home...
  9. F3 and follow the coordinates home
  10. make a nether portal, go trough it and then walk 1/8 blocks to spawn.
  11. If we're going for complicated things... find a pig and a saddle and ride that back... If you're lucky.
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  12. I use Rei's mini-map. It's REALLY useful. I feel bad for people who don't. People, this is the best mod ever!:D
  13. W8, making a portal it's complicated?
    I'm a genius then! xD